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What We Do

We work with clients to meet their information needs through the following services
  1. conducting situation analyses
  2. developing research and evaluation questions
  3. designing study protocols
  4. analyzing survey and other data to monitor population health
  5. developing strategic health plans informed by data
  6. designing our reports to be easily understood by users


Completed Projects


  1. Analysis of country-specific survey data on noncommunicable disease risk factors for Pan American Health Organization (WHO Americas Regional Office).
  2. Review of indicators for surveillance and monitoring of the WHO elimination of cervical cancer initiative.


  1. Technical support for the development of a non-communicable-disease (NCD) Healthy Island programme and national NCD action plan in Kiribati (Division of Pacific Support, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office).


  1. Conduct of a situation analysis on primary care (HPV vaccination), secondary care (screening of pre-cancerous lesions and cancer in-situ), and tertiary care (treatment and palliative care) in WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) countries.


  1. Production of a paper, commissioned by WHO Geneva, on the potential impact of WHO FCTC Articles 9 and 10 on prevalence of tobacco use trends.
  2. Presentation of the potential of using the WHO Interactive Smoking Projection and Target-setting (ISPT) tool at a WHO meeting in Ivory Coast on electronic nicotine delivery products.
  3. Provided technical input to a Universalia project undertaken for the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC), on evaluation of “The economics of tobacco control research initiative – a partnership between Cancer Research UK and IDRC”.
  4. Detailed examination of trends in tobacco smoking by age, sex and birth cohort for all countries of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region Office (EMRO) as part of its work on “Prioritizing Tobacco Control Under the Thirteenth General Programme of Work (GPW13)”.
  5. Exploration of potential impact on those trends through the application of the WHO Interactive Smoking Projection and Target-setting (ISPT) tool using both maximum and realistic application of different policy options
  6. Design and conduct of eleven virtual individual consultations with countries in collaboration with WHO Geneva and EMRO to assist these countries to develop SMART actions plans using the WHO Tobacco Data to Action planning process (Bahrain, Egypt, Iran [Islamic Republic of], Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates).
  7. Developed and delivered training-of-trainers on Brief Advice for Tobacco Cessation in Primary Care for Vanuatu Ministry of Health staff. (Division of Pacific Support, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office).

Current projects for 2023

  1. Production of national guidelines and standard operating procedures for provision of tobacco cessation services in Vanuatu (Division of Pacific Support, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office).
  2. This project includes the development of national tobacco cessation guidelines, for clinical practice, and a training-of-trainers package for conducting brief interventions for tobacco cessation in primary care settings. In addition, training for more intensive tobacco dependence treatment will be provided in country in 2023.
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